Jubilee & Bean

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Below is a sample of my crafty capabilities.  I am happy to talk about special orders of anything you see  below.  To get in touch, visit my contact page and drop me a line.  You can also follow me on Pinterest & Instagram.

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Christmas Ornaments

img_0169 img_0267 img_0170 img_0263img_0174 img_0175 img_0177 img_0262

Wedding Decorations

Photo Credit: Kate Raines | Plate 3 Photography

Bouquets & Boutonnièrs 

 img_5140img_5149 img_5141img_5943   

Paper Room Decorations

img_5696backdropimg_6860img_5122 img_5129img_5189img_5192img_5123 img_5199 img_6819

Reimagined Photos

kopecky kopecky-web

Kopecky: Flat drawing style, graphic novel effect

Bean Picture bean

Bean Holiday Card: 3-D design, repurposed image

KP&Jubilee grass kp-and-jubilee-in-the-grass

Swampfly & Jubilee in the grass:
Mixed design – 3-D graphics with Graphic Novel style illustration