Dreamscapes No. 1: Fixed Media Part Check back soon for a recording of the completed work with accordion & viola!

EXCERPT: Chasing Yiddishkayt: Music for Accordion, Klezmorim Concertino, Strings & Percussion (2013)

Sample Recording from Reading Session at KlezKanada, August 2013
Movement 4: Freilach (Sections A-C, E & H)
Julia Alford-Fowler, Conductor

Klezmorim Concertino:
Dimitri Gaskin, Accordion
Deborah Strauss, Fiddle
Samuel Maquin, Clarinet
Susan Hoffman Lankin-Watts, Trumpet
Dan Blacksberg, Trombone
Eli Richards, Trombone (tuba part)
Hanna Temple, Piano (percussion part)

Strings – Violin: Charlotte-Anne Malischewski, Rebecca Perlman, Lucia Boeker, Isaac Beaudet Lefebvre; Viola: Matthew Stein; Cello: Misja Boedker, Julia Nilsen-Savage; Bass: Evan Levine

Niggun Ein Sof: a repurposed tune by Issachar Miron
for The Klezmer Company Orchestra, Conducted by Aaron Kula

String Quartet No. 2 (2010)

Movement 1: Momenta Quartet
Movements 2-4: Kaija Lukas & Joe Kauffman, Violins; Adelya Shagidullina, Viola; Rajli Bicolli, Cello

Construction for Violin and Piano (2009)
Movement 1: Abstraction

Movement 2: Realization

Vladimir Dyo, Violin; Mark Livshits, Piano

Hear a remix by Scott Potter of String Quartet No. 2 and Construction for Violin and Piano here.

Hochstadt: A Discourse on Forgetting (2009)

Adam Vidiksis, Conductor; Adrian Dale Baule, Flute; Gi Lee, Clarinet; Aaron Stewart, Saxophone; Shane Barker, Viola; Rajli Bicolli, Cello; Kim Barroso, Piano;

Two Preludes (2011)

Bill Kalinkos, Clarinet

A Mouthful (2002)

Lidia Kaminska, Accordion; Josiah Krawiec, Saxophone

Observation no. 3: Mother Night (2011)

Temple Composers Orchestra – Adam Vidiksis, Conductor

I am part of the Part which at the first was all,
Part of the Darkness that gave birth to Light,
The haughty Light that now with Mother Night
Disputes her ancient rank and space withal,
And yet ’twill not succeed, since, strive as strive it may,
Fettered to bodies will Light stay.
It streams from bodies, it makes bodies fair,
A body hinders it upon its way,
And so, I hope, it has not long to stay
And will with bodies their destruction share.